Well, first of all, what are they? Who are they? Did I know about them when I was growing up? Why are they important in this day and age?

What are they? A fraternal organization founded by the Latter-day Saints in June of 1838 in Far West, Missouri.

Who are they?
The Danites were a vigilante group of men that were extremely zealous Mormons who swore oaths to support the heads of the church in all the things that they say or do, whether right or wrong. The focus of the Danites was to prey upon those who were considered to be a threat to the church and its saints, who are called, "Dissenters." They are those who leave the Mormon church and those who go against the Mormon church.
The "Danite Manifesto" openly warns any dissenter who dares to cross their path.
"We have solemnly warned you, that in the most determined manner, that if you do not
cease that course of wanton abuse of the citizens of this country, that vengeance would
overtake you sooner or later, and that when it did come it would be as furious as the
mountain torrent, and as terrible as the beating tempest; but you have affected to
dispise our warnings, and pass them off with a sneer, or a grin, or a threat, and pursued
your former course; and vengeance sleepeth not, neither does it slumber; and unless you
heed us this time, and attend to our request, it will overtake you at an hour you do not
expect, and at a day when you do not look for it; and for you there be no escape; for there
is but one decree for you, which is depart, depart, or a more fatal calamity shall befall
you" (Document, pp. 103-106).
This letter has 83 signatures of Mormons, including Joseph Smith's brother Hyrum.
The Danites were the enforcers of the Law of Consecration. That is, all the saints are to give all they have to the church and in turn, the church would lease back to the saints all their needs.
The Danites were to watch over all elections of the time in the Mormon community. This was to prevent an unfair election.
The Danites were in a sense the law of the land for the Mormons. They were to protect the saints against all mobs that dare to invade their territory.
The Danites were the military for Joseph Smith and the Mormon church.

History shows that the Danites' reign ended in Missouri, yet many former Danites continued to maintain prominent positions in the church and in the militia out West. They held power and influence over all the saints. After the Mormons had been driven out of Missouri and had moved out West, a new band of zealous Mormons came about. These were Brigham Youngs' "Avenging Angels". The number of these Mormons that were former Danites are not known, however, their purpose was still the same. John D. Lee that lead the Mountain Meadows Massacre, was a former Danite.

The Blood Atonement was rumored to be in effect, or put into practice during the time of Brigham Young. It was said that the those "Angels" enforced the Blood Atonement. These blood oaths are practiced by every 'worthy' member of the church that attends the temple to this day. The oaths and hand signs of bloodshed are practiced and memorized by all temple worthy Mormons who attend any temple around the world. These oaths and covenants that Mormons are sworn to uphold, promise to have their own blood spilt in order to have their own sins forgiven if they go against the church and the oaths they had taken.

When I was growing up, the whole subject of the Danites, blood oaths, and the like were not a part of Mormon schooling. It isn't until a Mormon member gets older that you learn that Jesus doesn't have the ability to forgive all sins. It isn't until a person goes to the temple that you gain knowledge of the blood oaths and the accompanying penalties. Those who go against these oaths will in someway be accounted for and the penalties will be carried out.

In the back of my head I keep wondering when will it be my turn to have my blood spilled because I am no longer a Mormon. I went through the temple. I took those oaths. I know for a fact that the Mormons do not make people take blood oaths for nothing. I do not have proof that the Mormon Militia still exists, but I know in my heart and mind that the Mormon church does not leave loose ends.


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21.I believe that Saints are those who know the real Savior, Jesus Christ, of whom the Bible speaks of; not the jesus of a cult.