"I believe that this is the true Church on the face of the earth today and that the gospel has been restored to this earth in this dispensation. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and that there is a prophet on the earth guiding the saints today. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and that He forgives my sins. I am thankful that I can hold callings in the church and I have the golden opportunity to attend the house of the Lord. I know that the Book of Mormon is true."

This is a typical type of Mormon testimony, that I was taught to say in my youth, that is ritualistic in every 'Fast and Testimony' meeting on the first Sunday of every month. That is the day when there is no written speech(s) given so the members of the ward can stand and give their own so called "personal" testimony. It is the day where the first two meals of the day are not eaten and the money that is saved from those two meals is gathered by the Aaronic Priesthood holders during that Sunday. (They come to the home between services.) The money is supposed to be put into the 'fast offering' for the bishop's storehouse. (It is always good to give a little extra money to the missionary fund on this day, and it keeps temple goers current on their recommends.)
When the prayer, hymn, and sacrament are done at the beginning of the meeting, the bishop or his counselors stand and encourage all to stand and bear a testimony of their belief, faith, and loyalty to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In my years of experience in these kinds of meetings, the ritualistic testimony is basically the same out of every mouth, no matter if you're male or female. There is always the side stories of family, missions, or illness, etc.
I've never felt comfortable in these meetings, because they never came from a 'personal' perspective, nothing from the heart. Through all of the tears and balled-up voices, the message is still the same. The testimony is a taught, or programed, mini speech designed to puff up the church. Even though I bore my testimony on several occasions, through them all, I always felt that it was no where near what it should be.
A testimony should come from the heart. It should be about what Jesus Christ has done personally for the believer, not a ritualistic chant that is expected to come out of the mouth of every "good upstanding member."

Mormon Temple Rituals

These rituals bring back many memories. I did all of these and more.
You need to know that this is the way it is.

If Mormonism Prevails?

"But you will generally be informed, that "Mormonism" is a new religion, that it is something new under the sun, and of course is an innovation-a kind of trespass on Christianity, on the Bible, or on the good old way. "O" say some of the editors that ought to be the most enlightened, and that profess to be, "if Mormonism prevails, Christianity will come down."
"If we have no one new principle in our religion, why are we considered innovators and opposed to Christianity? And why is Christianity in the world in danger if "Mormonism" prevails? It is because that floating Christianity, called so by the world, is a spurious one; they have departed from the doctrines of the Apostles. Then, I ask again, why say, "If Mormonism prevails Christianity is in danger?" for if it falls the better." (Journal of Discourses, "Mormonism", A Discourse delivered by Parley P. Pratt**, in the Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City, July 10, 1853)
**Note: Parley P. Pratt, great-great grandfather of Mitt Romney!!!

Pentagram, A Mormon Work of Art

"The inverted pentagram is the consummate symbol of Satan. It is the official symbol of the church of Satan. Universally known for its sinister and evil influence, it is also known as the "Goat of Mendez." In witchcraft, the inverted pentacle depicts the Devil's Goat and the Witches Foot. It is ultimately the symbol of the star Sirius (from the Greek word"scorching") or "dog star." It is known by the Egyptians as Set, or Satan. Identified by the Masonic Lodge as the "Blazing Star," it is found at the center of every Masonic Lodge and is the official emblem of the Order of the Eastern Star. The inverted pentagram is the second most common symbol used in Mormon architecture, being extensively used in exterior keystones." (Sword of the Spirit Apologetics, www.luciferlink.org/photos.htm)
I bring this up because I saw a photo of a family member, who is Mormon, wearing the pentagram on a piece of clothing. The matter of this symbol has been hashed and rehashed over in many books and internet web sites in recent years. I could go into great lengths as to why this symbol is linked to Satan and witchcraft, and the like, but Google the words "Mormonism and Pentagram", it will bring up a world of information on the subject.
My experiences with symbols, while I was a Mormon, had always been distant. I don't ever remember talking about the symbols in my Mormon classes. The church does not expound on the different aspects of all the symbols they use, nor will they ever willfully expose the information. The only Mormons that really know about this kind of usage of Satan-type symbols are the Mormons who spend a lot of time studying the faith and accepting the literature as truth.


"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! Art thou cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations! (2 Nephi 24: 12)

"And was called Perdition, for the heavens wept over him-he was Lucifer, a son of the morning" (Doctrine and Covenants 76:26)

First of all, Lucifer is a Latin name not a Hebrew name. The name 'Lucifer' is a name that is associated with light, stars, morning, bright and the like. The name is a miss translated metaphor that stayed with the early Christians and the name 'Lucifer' has stayed with the Christians since.
The two Mormon scriptures above are in error when they use this name. Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, not translated it, and supposedly the manuscript was penned in 600 b.c. using Isaiah's own words. The name 'Lucifer' was not used in 600 b.c. Thus, JS used the 'King James Version' of the Bible to complete his fictional writing.

Are Jesus and the devil brothers? NO and NO! Jesus is GOD and the one that fell from heaven was an angel whom GOD created!

Paradise Lost

The Book of Mormon- A Closer Look

Please click on the picture above and read what it says about "The Book of Mormon' and 'Testimony of Three Witnesses'.

Son of the Morning

Another name for 'Lucifer' (Latin: literally meaning 'light bearing') has not always been associated with the fallen angel, Satan. Originally, it was simply the Roman name of the planet Venus, the 'morning star' that rose just before the sun. ...In Isaiah 14:12, we find the Hebrew phrase, "HeYLeL BeN-ShaChaR", meaning 'bright son of the morning/dawn (i.e. 'bright/glowing morning star') In the Greek version of the Old Testament (the Septuagint), this was translated as 'Phosphorus' (the Greek name of the morning star), and thense translated 'Lucifer' in the Latin Vulgate bible." (www.urbandictionary.com)
This quote is in part and is a good definition of 'Son of the Morning'. The rest of the quote that I left out is but just an opinion of the writer. To read the quote in its entirety, please visit the website named above.
I have concluded that 'Son of the Morning' is a title or a name that is given to something or someone who reflects the qualities defined above. Lucifer reflected those qualities before the earth was, however, Lucifer let go of those qualities and put in his grasp the qualities of pure sin causing our God to experience great sorrow. Thus God had no choice but to cast this beautiful angel out of the heavens and give him a new title that he carries to this day. The name is, 'Satan'.

Romney's 'Faith in America' Address

"Let me assure you that no authorities of my church, or of any other church for that matter, will ever exert influence on presidential decisions. Their authority is theirs, within the province of church affairs, and it ends where the affairs of the nation begin." (1)
"I will put no doctrine of any church above the plain duties of the office and the sovereign authority of the law." (2)
"If I am fortunate to become your President, I will serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause, and no one interest." (3) (Published December 6, 2007 New York Times)

"Parley P. Pratt**, [Joseph Smith's right hand man], warned in 1838 that the Book of Mormon had "set the time for the over throw of our government and all other Gentile governments on the American continent. (History of the Church, vol. 4, 80.) Pratt made another bold announcement that same year:'" I will state as a prophesy, that there will not be an unbelieving Gentile upon this continent 50 years hence; and if they are not greatly scourged and in a great measure over thrown, within five or ten years from this date [i.e., 1888], then the Book of Mormon will have proved itself false. "' (One Nation Under Gods, Richard Abanes, pg 184-185)
*The first three quotes from Romney's 'Faith in America' address states that Romney will not be influenced by the Mormon faith nor its leaders. He is wrong when he makes such a bold statement. The quote from Parley P. Pratt is just one of many statements made by other church authorities.
** Parley P. Pratt is the great-great grandfather of Mitt Romney!

"I believe in my Mormon faith and I endeavor to live by it. My faith is the faith of my fathers-I will be true to them and to my beliefs." (4)
*The 'faith of my fathers' is referred to the documentation of church history that is designed to produce 'faith' in all those who read the history in this day. Although the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has sought to leave an accurate and complete record of its history, the official 'history' is a con
glomerate of well written and designed stories so that by reading them, one would feel uplifted and satisfied with the subject read.

"There is one fundamental question about which I often am asked. What do I believe about Jesus Christ? I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind. My church's beliefs about Christ may not all be the same as those of other faiths. Each religion has its own unique doctrines and history. These are not bases for criticism but rather a test of our tolerance. Religious tolerance would be a shallow principle indeed if it were reserved only for faiths with which we agree." (5)
*The prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley himself states that the Mormons do not believe the same Jesus as other Christian churches do.

"John Adams put it that we are 'thrown into the world all equal and alike.'" (6)
*Here's a few quotes from Mormon leaders from the past.
"Had I anything to do with the Negro, I would confine them by strict law to their own species..." (Joseph Smith, Jr. 1843)
"If that Negro is faithful all his days, he can enter the celestial kingdom. He will go there as a servant." (Mark E. Peterson, 1954)
"When God allows a spirit to take on a Negroid body, do you suppose He is unaware of the fact that he will suffer a social stigma? Therefore, if you say this Church is unjust in not allowing the Negro to bear the Priesthood, you must, to be consistent, likewise say that God is even more unjust in giving him a black skin." (The Glory of Mormonism, 1963)
Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so." (Brigham Young)
Note: In reference to quote 6, Romney did not use his own words in this part of his address!

Flick of History?

A Savior of the Constitution?

On the official website for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints it states: "While the Church may communicate its views to them [politicians], as it may to any other elected official, it recognizes that these officials still must make their own choices based on their best judgment and with consideration of the constituencies whom they were elected to represent". (LDS Newsroom, December 6, 2007)
Although the statement above is true, one who is a member of the Mormon church, and who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood and a temple recommend, must bear in mind that his membership in the church and exaltation into the celestial kingdom for Godhood are at stake here. I know that no Mormon man who believes in obeying his prophet[s], or the 'Faith of my fathers', would disobey the words spoken that are considered to be holy and set in stone. The blood oath that is taken in the Mormon temples will keep any "Good Upstanding Mormon" in line. This includes any priesthood holder, even one who is president of the United States.
The statements that are in post below are a stark reminder that the Mormon church views itself as the 'Savior of the Constitution of the United States'. I don't know of any greater control than that of the aspiring ambitions of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints".

America's Mormon Destiny

"Will The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ever succeed in taking over America, and eventually the world, as Joseph Smith prophesied? Brigham Young thought so, along with every other nineteenth century Mormon, especially the church's leadership. Throughout the twentieth century, and now into this twenty-first century, the belief has continued to be an integral part of Mormon teachings:

1912: 'Joseph Smith...predicted that the time would come, 'when the Constitution of our country would hang as it were by a thread, and that the Latter-day Saints above all other people in the world would come to the rescue' ' (LDS president, Joseph F Smith). Conference Report, October 1912

1928: 'The Prophet Joseph told us that he saw the day when even the Constitution of the United States would be torn and hang as by a thread... He saw the day when this people would be a balance of power to come to its defense' ' (LDS apostle,Melvin J. Ballard). Conference Report, October 1928. Ballard also stated: "I believe that it is the destiny of the Latter-day Saints to support the Constitution of the United States. The Prophet Joseph Smith is alleged to have said-and I believe he did say it-that the day would come when the Constitution would hang as by a thread. But he saw that the thread did not break, thank the Lord, and that the Latter-day Saints would become a balance of power, with others, to preserve that Constitution. If there is-and there is one part of the Constitution hanging as by a thread today-where do the Latter-day Saints belong? Their place is to rally to the support of that Constitution, and maintain it and defend it and support it by their lives and by their vote. Let us not disappoint God nor his prophet. Our place is fixed (Conference Report, April 1933)

1946: '[Joseph Smith] said if the Constitution of the United States were saved at all it must be done by this people. It will not be many years before these words come to pass. When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the 'Mormon Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it' '(Mark E. Peterson, LDS apostle). Conference Report, April 1946

1950: '[The Prophet] said the time would come when this Constitution would hang as by a thread, and this is true...'Now I tell you it is time the people of the United States were waking up with the understanding that if they don't save the Constitution from the dangers that threaten it, we will have a change of government' (Joseph Fielding Smith, president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and future Mormon president). Conference Report, April 1950

1952: 'Joseph Smith...[said] the time would come when the Constitution would hang as by a thread and at that time when it was thus in jeopardy, the elders of this Church would step forth and save it from destruction. Why the elders of this Church?...'We alone know by revelation as to how the Constitution came into being, and we, alone, know by revelation the destiny of this nation' ' (Harold B. Lee, LDS apostle and future Mormon president). Conference Report, October 1952

1961: '[I]f I were to guess as to how the Constitution may 'hang by a thread' it would be because of the immense powers given to the President and his opportunity for their abuse. Let us...resolve that we will do all in our power to preserve these principles for our posterity. This is our duty as citizens of the United States, and pre-eminently our duty as Latter-day Saints' (Senator Wallace F. Bennett, R-Utah). BYU Speeches, February 15, 1961

1966: ' I gave the language and sources of the prophetic utterance made by the Prophet Joseph that the Constitution of the United States would hang by a single thread, but be saved by the elders of Israel. I hope you will read those sources so you will be will-informed as to this prophecy and be prepared to do your part in its fulfillment' (Ernest L Wilkinson, BYU president [1951-1971]. BYU Speeches, April 21, 1966

1975: 'Thank God for the Constitution. And may God bless the elders of Israel that when, as President John Taylor said, 'the people shall have torn to shreds the Constitution of the United States, the Elders of Israel will be found holding it up to the nations of earth and proclaiming liberty' ' (Ezra Taft Benson, president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and future Mormon president). Jesus Christ-Gifts and Expectations, New Era, May 1975

1988: 'Joseph Smith predicted that the time would come when the Constitution would hang, as it were, by a thread, and at that time 'this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction'(Ezra Taft Benson, LDS president). Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1988), 619. Benson quoted the White Horse prophecy in numerous lectures and publications.

1995: 'LDS attachment to the Constitution has been further encouraged by an important oral tradition deriving from a statement attributed to Joseph Smith, according to which the Constitution would 'hang by a thread' and be rescued, if at all, only with the help of the Saints. Church President John Taylor seemed to go further when he prophesied, 'When the people shall have torn to shreds the Constitution of the United States the Elders of Israel will be found holding it up to the nations of the earth.' ' Daniel H. Ludlow, ed., Selections from Encyclopedia of Mormonism (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1995, "The Church and Society," 122.

2000: '[LDS TV weatherman Thom Spencer] at a Republican rally...broke with tradition that a journalist should remain objective and spoke out at the rally because of a prophecy by Joseph Smith, who founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints more than 150 years ago. Smith predicted that the time would come 'when the Constitution and government would hang by a brittle thread and be ready to fall into other hands, but this people, the latter-day saints, will step forth and save it' ' (Seattle Times, November 24, 2000)

But what would such a scenario mean for America? Continued freedom? Greater liberty and prosperity? Widespread pluralism? That is doubtful. The history of Mormonism is rife with nefarious deeds, corruption, vice, and intolerance. So far the fruits of Mormonism have included lust, greed, theft, fraud, violence, murder, religious fanaticism, bribery, and racism. Will Mormonism's future harvest be any different? That question, of course, will have to be answered in years to come.
Until then, all of us might to do well to simply be watchful, and heed the words of Jesus Christ, whom the Mormons claim to follow. "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves," Jesus warned. "Ye shall know them by their fruits...[E]very good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit...Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them"(Matt. 7:1-20)'" (One Nations Under Gods, A History of the Mormon Church, Richard Abanes, Four Walls Eight Windows, 434-436, including footnotes.)

This whole article came from a very reliable and good book. It has great objective history that speaks for itself!

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