Great Physician

I remember the freedom and relief I felt in knowing that I didn't have to do anything to gain favor with God. I also remember the betrayal of the Mormon church that led me into a confused and burdensome life, where I had no choice but to do what I was told. I recall Convert telling me, "Yours is not to ask why, yours is just to do or die." My parents put heavy demands on me when I was a child, and being married to Convert took me beyond what I could bear.
After Convert kicked me out of my home and separated me from my three children, I unfortunately, had no other course to take but to go to Michigan and live under my parents roof until I could financially get to where I could see my children again. I had no job because I had been working for Convert. I had no vehicle (Convert owned all of them), no friends, due to constantly working and knew nobody who could help me out.
I could see that my parents truly wanted to help me after moving in with them. However, they were acting more according to the dictates of the Mormon church rather than to God's unconditional love in providing for me the needs that I had. They put conditions on me while living in their home again which, as an adult, I thought were unacceptable. I knew that living there was not going to work out. My dad told me that the insurance on the loaner car I was driving was only good for a very small area. If I drove beyond the particular region that my dad specified, the insurance would expire. I'm slow in thinking, but not that slow.
The whole trauma of not being with my kids was tearing me at my heart. I wept for them every moment. I couldn't stand being so far apart from them. I knew I needed to heal, not just for myself, but for my three beautiful children. My parents couldn't do what Jesus could do for me and the kids. I, therefore, buried myself in the bible, the whole bible, not just the Joe Smiths' version of it.
Over the next few months I did a lot of changing. I became a believer in the true word of God and I could see that my life was in need of the 'Great Physician'. Christian and I read the bible together as much as possible. I could hardly wait to get together with him and study. Every time the scriptures were read, my heart's eye could see more clearer. I saw that I no longer needed to be a Mormon and go the way that my parents had taught me since birth. Rather, I needed a new birth that could open up the gates of heaven for me.


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I am going to get ready for work, and I have left off at The Great Physician. Will pick up here tomorrow morning.

I did want to say that my overriding thought after reading from your first post up to this point is that you have heard enough lies for twenty lifetimes.

I am so joyous that God broke through, in His time, with the truth of His Word.

It lifts my spirit, as I can almost LITERALLY experience the joy of your salvation.

Sister, I would ask that you read a sermon by Charles Spurgeon, written (though not delivered due to health issues) in 1888, in London, England, entitled, The Trial of Your Faith.

I just gave it to a Navajo man who works at the hotel in Tempe which I have been using as my home away from home for the past 18 months. Evan, in the span of 8 days, lost his son of 15 months to bacterial meningitis a week ago.

The gist of the sermon is that God does not give great faith without then testing that faith with great trial...and then to call that person into great service (I know that word might sting)...but the service I am speaking of is what I know you feel in your heart you are called to do.

God bless you!!! The Lord has a great work in store for you, and I am certain that I will read about it as I progress from 2007 to 2014, and then into the future.

your brother in the Lord,

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Well, I forgot to include the link:

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