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I thought I'd thumb through a thin stack of old LDS church newspapers I got from my grandmother back in 2003. I've mentioned these papers before, however, I thought I'd point out a few things I found in one of them tonight.

"Word and Will," is the topic of discussion on the back side of the 16 AUG 2003 issue. Here are three quotes taken from this article:
"Wise Church members keep their eyes trained on the course set by the prophets and apostles under inspiration from Christ." (italics added)
"Consistent with the three fold mission of the Church, we perfect one another and bring others, living and dead, to Christ." (italics added)
"The revelation prescribed principles of conduct to ensure spirituality and worthiness for the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit." (italics added)

Now, these points may seem trivial, yet, in the large picture of things, the words in italics give off the subtle hints of the mind control that the Mormon authorities use to manipulate the people in their 'faith.'

*Just a side note: These newspapers, like their (LDS) newspaper website, only very briefly speak of Jesus Christ, and even then, you would need a magnifying glass to find Him... There is no Christ centered discussion in the papers, just church, good works, pioneer day, temples, more church, and the tabernacle choir. There isn't even a picture in my newspapers of Jesus Christ, but they will plaster the angel moroni on its pages.


Anonymous March 10, 2011 at 8:59 AM  

Another great post, it's sad how Jesus Christ is often put on the back burner by the Mormons..Thought I'd share a story with you..When I lived in Salt Lake City, there was a radio station (KUTR 860 AM) owned by the church. This station played LDS music and had ads directed at LDS people as well as other programing geared towards the LDS. In my Stake/Ward, we were encouraged to listen to this station (though I didn't much care for the music)and not other stations. Recently the LDS church sold the station to a Christian company. Now the station plays Christian music and has programs by well known Christian leaders and, they have a program called "Out of Mormonism"..This station is right in Salt Lake City..I laughed and laughed when I saw that..LOL

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