Why Protestants Agree With Mormons? Oh, Yeah?

By:Kelly Bingham
December 7, 2007

*Quite the title isn't it? Anyway, lets continue.....

"At first glance it appears Protestant theology and Latter-day Saint theology has nothing in common. However, there are several beliefs shared by both the LDS Church and Protestant denominations. Latter-Day Saints and Protestants believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That He created the Earth and was the God of the Old Testament. Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a perfect and sinless life during His mortal ministry. Both believe that Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice and suffered horribly to atone for our sins. He died on the cross and was resurrected the third day, freeing us all from the bonds of death. Mormons and Protestants also both believe in morality and the sanctity of marriage and family.
There are some LDS beliefs that some Protestants politely disagree with like salvation through both grace and works. Then there are those Mormon doctrines that really get under Protestant's skin and drive them berserk Ironically, they believe in some of these same beliefs but didn't know it because they hadn't looked at them from a different perspective. Here are some examples." (Kelly Bingham, www.moroni10.com, December 7, 2007)

For right now I'm going to leave the examples out. They will be covered separately in their own post. There are eight examples all together. I need to clarify the statements made above then move onto the examples.
*Yes Protestants believe that Jesus is the Son of God, however, the LDS believe that Jesus is not the ONLY son of God, just the first. (At least the only one that got to be called a God before he had a body.)
*LDS believe that Jesus is the God of this earth only. Jesus is not to go off and make spirit children to inhabit other worlds, while all of His spirit brothers and sisters can.
*LDS believe God the Father came down and had physical sex with Mary (because the LDS believe that God the Father can take a wife at His discretion, and there is no other way for a baby to be conceived. You see, the LDS still believe in Polygamy, it will be practiced in heaven. Sorry women, there is just too many of you.), thus only making her a virgin up to that point.
*LDS believe that Jesus did the suffering in the garden of Gethsemane not on the cross, and Jesus only atoned for Adam's sins, not all the sins we've committed (plus our sinful nature, we all have it, we're born with it, can't change that fact, it's due to Adam and Eve.), plus they believe that there are a few sins that Jesus cannot atone for, your own blood must be spilt.
*LDS believe that we are freed from death, it is the only thing Christ did by His resurrection.
*LDS believe that you cannot get into the highest glory of heaven if you do not observe their moral codes at all times, whatever the prophet deems them to be.
*LDS believe that you cannot get into the highest glory without being married or without having children. Without them, you would be only worthy of lesser glories.
*LDS believe that works gets you into heaven, not grace.

The introduction in this essay is not correct when it states, "Protestants believe the same as LDS."


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