I know that this post is long, please bear with me and follow through the whole post. It is very important that I give you a full explanation so you can fully understand the whole meaning behind--The Apron.

There is a certain feel that comes from the fabric of silk. It's soft, smooth, and has a unique texture all of its own. It is used in several luxurious garments worn by men and women alike. One such garment shared by both sexes in the Mormon temple, and that is the apron they wear. It is the smaller piece of garb that is laid in front of the lower stomach and hangs down far enough to cover the sexual necessities of male and female both. It is held up with a waist tie and only covers the front area of the body. The color is always green and is adorned with the representation of fig leaves.
This innocent piece of material worn in this fashion by the elite of Mormon followers, yet carries grave meaning of Satanic symbolism. The origins of this apron is carried on today deep within the walls of the Mormon temples, right to the very bowels of Lucifer himself.
Each person, male and female, don this apron to themselves at a certain point of the temple ceremony, and is worn through the entire stay at the temple. The representation of this apron, to the patron at the temple of choice, is given during the beginning of the ceremony. During the play (or movie), the story is told where Adam and Eve are made aware of their naked bodies by eating the fruit from the tree of good and evil.......
"After the actors in the film or live performance have eaten the fruit and then hear "Father" (the LDS god) coming back down into the garden, Lucifer advises them, "See, you are naked. Take some fig leaves and make you aprons. Father will see your nakedness. Quick! Hide!" (Sackett, p.28).
Adam responds by agreeing with Lucifer and saying, "Come, let us hide." Immediately after this the narrative stops, and all temple patrons are advised to put on their aprons. This is the first item of ceremonial clothing put on in the endowment (other than the temple garment, which was added earlier in the initiatory work).
This apron is later removed and placed over the robes of the holy priesthood, which are pure white (Scakett, p.37). It remains a striking, key feature of the priesthood robes worn by either men or women in the temple. Faithful temple Mormons are also buried in their robes, including the apron." (Decker's Complete Handbook on Mormonism, Ed Decker, 1995, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, pg. 53)
"We then hear Adam ask a somewhat odd, out-of-context question: "What is that apron you have on?" Lucifer replies, "It is an emblem of my power and priesthoods." In case anybody missed this assertion, Adam inquires incredulously: "Priesthoods?" Lucifer nods with pontifical finality. "Yes, priesthoods!" Then, without any further discussion of his apron, Lucifer commands Adam and Eve to put on their aprons. At this moment the temple initiates are instructed to put on their own aprons. So now we are all decked out in what has just been described as the symbol of Satan's power and priesthoods! Mormons wear the apron for the rest of the temple ceremony; they are, in fact, buried in full temple clothing, including the Luciferian apron." (Mormonism's Temple of Doom, Schnoebelen & Spencer, Through the Maze, Boise, Idaho, 1987, pgs.20-21)
"In the endowment, Adam challenges Lucifer as to the nature of the apron he is wearing. Lucifer replies arrogantly that it is the "symbol of my power and Priesthoods." This is key, because LDS theology knows of only two priesthoods, the Aaronic priesthood and the Melchizedek. Yet Lucifer is identifying these priesthoods as his. Adam seems as puzzled as the temple patrons are and asks, "Priesthoods?"
Lucifer simply replies with enigmatic finality: "Yes, Priesthoods," as if that answered all questions (Sackett, p.28). Of course, all it does is raise serious questions. If Lucifer is fallen, what is he doing with an emblem of the priesthood? Supposedly, in LDS doctrine, no unrighteous person can hold the priesthood (Doctrine and Covenants 121:34-37), and yet here it seems that the most unrighteous one of all is holding it. Additionally, no one can hold the priesthood without a physical tabernacle (body), yet Lucifer has been eternally denied a tabernacle of flesh. Why does the Lord allow him to wear an apron, which is the symbol of his priesthoods? These are not easy questions for the temple patron to answer.
Within seconds of this dialogue, temple patrons are asked to put on aprons which are identical to Lucifer's except for color and to continue to wear them as part of their "garments of the holy priesthood." It is no wonder some temple patrons come away a bit uneasy with the entire episode.
Additionally, it is undeniable that this kind of apron has a long and very dubious history as a central artifact in Freemasonry, ceremonial magic, and occultism (Schnoebelen & Spencer, 1987, pp. 20-23). This is just one more indication of the deceptive and occult roots of the supposedly sacred LDS temple ceremonies." (Decker, 1995, pgs. 53-54)
"The association of the apron with Lucifer and his power goes back centuries in Wicca and occultism. While it is common knowledge that Masons wear aprons, less understood is the fact that most occult and Luceferian lodges wear then as well. Why? Because in magick, the apron is a symbol of magickal energy or planetary (astrological) force. It is the badge of rank for the third degree; and represents (when green) the priestly office of Lucifer. It is the magickal "tool" of that degree.
In this third degree of Wicca, the apron serves a practical, magickal purpose. In this degree, through a bizarre ceremony called the Great Rite, one is initiated into the principles of sex magick (tantra yoga). The apron is often used during this sort of ritual to help contain and channel sexual energy. This is why it covers the genital area.....
Additionally, just as the stole is the emblem of authority in the Catholic Priesthood, so the green apron is the emblem of Lucifer's authority. In every Satanic group I knew of, the hierophant (High Priest) always wore a green apron, usually of the finest silk or satin.
Why green? I know that most people's ideas of Satanic rites (which come from garish movies) are that everyone wears black or red (or nothing). This is only partially true. The lower levels wear black, the magi wear scarlet, and the magisters wear white, as was mentioned earlier. But green is Lucifer's color! No one would dare wear it except his "legal" representative: the presiding hierophant.
Green is his color first because it relates qabalistically [hidden meaning or message] to Venus. Venus, the "Morning Star," is sacred to him. Alchemically [medieval chemical philosophy; magical power or process of transmuting] , Lucifer is related to copper. This metal is corrupt within and beautiful without, just like him; and it turns green when it tarnishes. (Schnoebelen & Spencer, 1987, pgs.21-22, italics added, brackets added)
"A strange, darker note is added to this scenario when we backtrack and realize that a satanic symbolism has been applied to the fig-leaf apron by the writers of the very endowment ritual itself. Just seconds before the point in the narrative just described, Adam and Eve begin to recognize the true identity of Lucifer. Eve says, "Thou art Lucifer, he who was cast out of Father's presence for rebellion" (Sackett, p.28). (Decker, 1997, pg. 53)
"All this confirmed what I'd been told years before by my Druidic mentor. In fact, it confirmed the whole metaphysical trap Satan had laid for me. I had joined the Church not only because I believed the Mormon missionaries, but also because I believed it would lead me deeper into occult experience. For a year I had anticipated receiving my temple endowments. Now as I saw Lucifer with his priesthood apron--and as I received my own apron--I was convinced that Christianity reached its highest level of witchcraft in Mormonism. Jesus, I had been taught as a witch, was a Medium of the highest order, who worked miracles by magick. Now as I saw the priesthood of Lucifer transferred to Adam in the apron, I knew it was true." (Schnoebelen & Spencer, 1987, pgs. 22-23)

As you can see, the fabric of a silken, green, fig leaf adorned apron is woven deep within the occult of Satanic rituals and symbolism. Those Mormons who hold this little garment sacred, be afraid, very afraid. Satan is very pleased with you. If you value your spiritual well-being, burn your apron and renounce your ritualistic commitments you have made with Lucifer. Call out to God for forgivness and the Holy Spirit will fill you with Christs love, and peace will rest within your heart.

God Bless


EX HOMOSEXUAL February 13, 2011 at 10:49 AM  

This was great work Sis! I posted it to a facebook ministry page that I am involved with!
bless you! Suz

handmaiden February 17, 2011 at 11:54 PM  

Hello Ex,
I read your site and I am touched by what you wrote. God Bless you. Thank you for the link. You are truly a blessing to me and the work I do for the Lord.

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