"Is Mormonism Christian?"

Click on the image and read what Hank Hanegraff, from Christian Research Institute has to say about the daunting Question, "Is Mormonism Christian?"


FrenchExpat July 20, 2008 at 8:16 AM  

Mormonism is not Christian but LDS Mormonism, compared to other Mormon denominations, is becoming increasingly Christian and most of the doctrines you express in your bog are now watered down or just discarded by Church leaders who want to make their Church more Christian and less Mormon

Jeff July 31, 2008 at 10:01 AM  

Actually, frenchexp, none of the so-called doctrines in that treatise have been changed in any way, shape, or form; it’s just that many of them were never taught by the Church in the first place.

The first paragraphs states that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ told Joseph Smith that “all their creeds [of existing churches] were an abomination, and all their professors were corrupt.” While this is true, it is presented in such a way as to make it sound like every member of every other church was inherently evil—this, in direct opposition to what the Church has always taught.

The second paragraph contrasts the belief that God is spirit with the belief that He has a body, implying that these two beliefs are incompatible. In fact, they are no more incompatible than the belief that you or I are spirit but have bodies. Read the entire chapter; anyone with half a brain can see that Christ isn’t teaching that God is bodiless.

The second paragraph then goes on to state that “the Father [had] sex with the Virgin Mary.” Huh. Funny that. I always thought she was a virgin. The Church teaches that the conception of Jesus Christ was *natural*, not that it was *sexual*. I am not aware of the Church ever taking any position on the method by which Christ’s mortal body was conceived, but goodness knows there’s a lot more possibilities than “the Father having sex with… Mary.”

The third paragraph is inflammatory, but doesn’t actually *lie*, so I’ll move on.

The fourth paragraph then make ridiculous claims about “fig-leaf aprons” and “holding good works in [our] hands,” pretends to judge people (by seemingly randomly assigning them to Kingdoms) when Christ Himself commanded us not to judge, erroneously refers to the temple as “secret,” and makes the wholly unsubstantiated charge that “Mormons… will… become gods of their own planets.”

Seriously, folks…. I’ve been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ for almost seventeen years and have read all these things before—and much worse. Just because some guy sticks it in a book doesn’t make it true.


handmaiden August 1, 2008 at 8:25 PM  

The Mormon church has always taught that All other churches were an abomination in his sight. There was no other teaching when I was growing up in the church. To make it sound like? Sounds a little wishy washy to me.
As far as the second paragraph, the part of Colossians is referring to the supremacy of Christ. And YES, LDS believe that God the Father had SEX with Mary just like two mortal beings have sex. Goodness, this is the only teaching! They do teach that Mary WAS a virgin...
The "unsubstantiated charge"? Well lets see...Not only will Jesus be at the judgement set, Mormons believe that Joseph Smith will be there too, and by the way, Mormons believe that they will be judged by their works and not through grace. Mormons goal is to become a God right?
Does this mean that some Mormon "guy" that "sticks it in a book" make it true? Not at all. The BIBLE is the ONLY truth.
This article is done well and don't be deceived in thinking that there is anything false in the paragraphs.
Oh yeah, the Church DOES teach these things!!!!!, in the first place. In Christ.

Jeff September 9, 2008 at 7:46 AM  

handmaiden, thanks for responding. I truly appreciate your remarks, and especially your general civility. Thank you!

Returning to the first paragraph, you’re right: all other *churches* are an abomination in His sight. I never denied that. When I denied is that the *members* of those other churches are an abomination in His sight, which is incredibly incorrect.

Secondly, no, the Church has *not* taught that God had sex with Mary. Yes, individuals have interpreted obscure statements to mean that, but it is *not* a doctrine of the Church, and I challenge you to find a single statement that says He did.

Third… you’re right. Joseph will be at the judgment seat, being judged just like everybody else. You’re also right that we’ll be judged by our works. But the only way a person could possibly be *saved* by his or her works is if every one of that person’s works were perfectly righteous—and even that’s just my personal theory, since no one but the Savior Himself has ever managed to live such a life. Bottom line: for every one of us imperfect mortals, salvation and exaltation can ONLY come through the grace of Jesus Christ, and that is the ONLY thing the Church has ever taught.

No, handmaiden, the Church *doesn’t* teach these things; its detractors just take things out of context to make it look like it does, and unfortunately, many of the ignorant take it at face value.

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