The Hill Cumorah Pageant

It's about that time of the year when the LDS church puts on its annual play in Palmyra, New York. The photo you see here shows a more currant scene of "The Hill."
I remember going to "The Hill Cumorah Pageant" back in 1979. The whole adventure was a huge adrenalin rush for me. As the president of the Laural class, I was intimately involved in the construction of the four day trip. The process of the organization took many meetings and when it was all put together, the Bishop had to give his consent.
I can't remember all of the details now, but I remember that the pageant was quite the show. I was so impressed with the whole event, I too wanted to be a part of the festivities. Funny, I can't remember the show that much, but I remember the tee shirt I wore. It was light blue in color and it said, "Families are Forever." I wore the shirt out.
Below are two pictures from that trip. I have more but there are too many people in each photo.
I can't say that my childhood was all bad, the trips that I made while in the Young Women's Organization were educational as to my geograghical insights. Especially when all I knew was Utah and Idaho. (The person you see above is sitting on the throne that was used in the pageant back in 1979.)
The church makes this pageant a big deal. The reality is... "the whole concept of the pageant is wrong!" I hope that by reading the rest of my blog you'll see how the Mormon church makes a cult seem believable!


Godhead November 2, 2010 at 5:20 PM  

Sorry if I seem all over the place but I am reading your blog in order of the pages I have downloaded onto my hardrive. I only have prepaid dial up so I cannot afford to waste time online at my leisure. Is that the show were Joseph Smith is depicted finding the plates. I saw highlights of that on a great documentary on Joseph Smiths Origins. No one could possibly be a informed believer of the LDS. There is no excuse for ignorance. Anyone who truly believes in the claims of the LDS, have never gone further then what ever the church has fed them. Something like that is to serious to just take at face value. I am a Christian only because of years of research, studying the Bible, its history, origin, the claims of other religions, the claims of science as opposed to the Bible. All of these things I have investigated and am fully convince that the Bible is true and depicts the only true God and salvation. I investigated the claims of Mormonism because they told me that the Book of Mormon was more accurate then the Bible and yet I found almost straight away that it was a big sham. Mormons are wilfully ignorant, they have to be. The documentary shows how the first account of Joseph Smiths encounter with the angel changed dramatically from its final instalment. I know that within the church environment, they would not get all of these facts. This shows that the church intentionally deceives its members. Keeps them in a nice and fluffy bubble of ignorance. Yet its always the responsibility of the individual to investigate the claims of any self proclaimed Prophet. There is no excuse for ignorance, LDS choose to remain ignorant, and the LDS leaders choose to keep them so.
For the Mormon church to remain its leaders have to be either wilfully ignorant, or wilfully deceiving its members. And so they wilfully set out to deceive new converts. It is a true conspiracy for all intent and purposes.

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