A Mormon Young Woman

It's come to my attention lately that two of my nieces (ages 18 and 21), who still live at home are being subject to the same rules that I had to obey when I lived at home at that age. I understand that parents in general have set rules for their children to go by. Understand that Mormon rules are much more stringent than the average house rules that are given by non-Mormon parents.
A flood of memories came rushing in when I found out that they are in a very similar situation that I was in. Memories of isolation, rejection, non-importance, neglect, and many other bad memories came back to my mind was though it were yesterday.
Mormon young women are discouraged and purposely kept away from seeking independance from their parents. A young Mormon woman is drilled from day one that her purpose on earth (goals) are to marry in the temple, marry a returned missionary, have many, many children, and be the perfect mother, wife, and member of the Mormon church. This places huge pressure on a young woman whose desire is to please, not only the Mormon church, but her parents as well.
These goals are extremely important to her and are obviously unrealistic, but because the teachings within the church and family home are so demanding, the real potential for human development and purpose for any young woman within the church are blocked out.
A young woman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not taught how to move away from home and learn how to be an independant thinker and decision maker. Her whole being is conditioned to be dependent on a husband. Then, and only then can she persue any type of career and/or schooling. This is contingent on the husband and his wishes.
What a waste of young lives. Shame on the Mormon church for causing this type of problem that goes unrecognized and ultimately destroys these women that deserve to know the truth about how to live in this world.


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