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I'm gonna change the subject here. I'll get back to the story soon. The up coming election and relevant subject matter, I believe, needs to be addressed.

I have been learning quite a bit about the presidential race from TV, magazines, and pamphlets I get in the mail. It makes me think of the presidential 'hopefuls' in the past that the Mormon church preached would bring about the 'Fullness of Times'.
I remember how my parents would explain in Family Home Evening that it is the Mormons that are to be the ones to 'save the nation' from certain calamities that will surely come to pass if the Mormon 'Holy' Priesthood does not preside over the nation. I believed that the second coming of Jesus Christ would be ushered in through the priesthood reigning over the land. Mormons truly believe that it is only when the Mormon church rules will this nation have peace and harmony. I was taught that all nations, tongues, and people will submit to its authority.
Because of this kind of teaching, I grew up with the mindset that the only people 'religion' who are Christ's elect, are those in the Mormon faith. I also believed that all other religions and faiths were not important and were void to God. Therefore, the hope of a Mormon president in the white house was an anticipation that was felt not only by me, but by all those who believed and who now believe in Joseph Smiths' words:

"Also upon the Constitution and Government of the United States, stating that the time would come when the Constitution and Government would hang by a brittle thread and would be ready to fall into other hands but this people the Latter day Saints will step forth to save it." May 1843

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will not stop to bring to pass the prophecy that Joseph Smith spoke of. The 'White Horse' that Joseph Smith spoke of is not a horse of deliverance, rather it is a horse of deception......


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