A Consolation Of The Lord

The nation of Judah "rejected the fountain of living waters, having for themselves leaking cisterns, and the deity is determined to punish the sinners by sending Babylon against them." (www.answers.com/topic/ jeremiah-). The people of Judah, a chosen people, forgot God and worshiped idols and their own sinful nature. As a result, God's anger was kindled into taking action against His children.
Jeremiah remained fearful and faithful to God, and warned the people that God will punish them by destroying the Kingdom of Judah. Yet, God promised the Kingdom of Judah that if they return to Him, He will be merciful and return the people to Zion.

*A Note On Zion:
Zion, a "rocky scarp at the point of the E. ridge between Kidron and the Tyropoeon valleys..." It is the place that King David's men took a hold of by "stealth" means. It is where David built his palace and erected a tent for the arch. It is also his burial home. Zion was transformed from a " fortress-stronghold" to a "holy site." This rocky steep slope became what is known as the "Holy Hill" and the "Habitation of the Lord." This is where He must be worshiped. The prophet Jeremiah made this clear in his writings; "There will be a day when watchmen cry out on the hills of Ephraim, 'Come, let us go up to Zion, to the Lord our God.' (Jeremiah 31:6)" (Harper's Bible Dictionary, pg 841)

There is a section of Jeremiah that denotes a consolation often called "Jeremiah's Book of Consolation." This includes the promise that God will put into place a new covenant, "replacing the heart of stone of the people with one of flesh." (www.answers.com/topic/jeremiah-)
The Lord directs His words towards Jacob. The "Lord says: Sing with joy for Jacob. Shout for the foremost of the nations." (Jeremiah 31:7) Jacob is the root for joy and singing when the Kingdom of Judah returns. Jacob is where the focus is. The consolation is for Jacob and his people in a land that had been destroyed by sin.

The consolation of the Lord to His chosen people, the Kingdom of Judah in the house of Jacob, is a testament of God's mercy and love. All of God's people have the promise of a new covenant within a heart of flesh, not stone. Jesus Christ is that new covenant and the circumcised heart of the believer partakes in His chosen people.

God be praised in Jesus Christ, the new covenant, for those who come to Him with a heart of flesh.

In Mormon theology, it is taught that Jeremiah's prophesies are about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They believe that Jeremiah tells the future of :
1. The LDS going from Nauvoo to SLC
2. The Tabernacle Choir
3. Rocky Mountains are "choice"
4. Fast and Testimony meetings
5. Church Dances
6. Missionary Work
Mormonism is not spoken of in Jeremiah, but Christ and His people, with a heart of flesh, are.
It's another example of the twisted cultish way of thinking by the authorities within Mormonism.


DARRELX January 31, 2011 at 4:15 PM  

One thing I have learned by this New covenent, is that all the priviledges that Christ had, are given to us as well. "I go to My father and to your father."

I do not think that there is any cult in the world, that twist scripture, more then the LDS. No other cult has shown such contempt for the Bible.

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