Part Two

"It was in the month of September that we made our entry into this famous city. Long trains of Mormons were also arriving, and we were at first taken to be ourselves Mormons; and though when we disabused their minds on this point, we were treated at first with a good deal of civility, still we perceived that a wide distinction was made between them and the gentiles, as they term all who are not Mormons. For instance, the price of flour, as regulated by the high council, was at that time $10 per hundred pounds, when sold to Mormons, but $25 when sold to the gentiles."
"'that man is a gentile, you know that Brigham says we must not sell flour to the gentiles for less than $25 a hundred.'"
"In the early part of January Brigham Young, in company with several of the twelve apostles, visited that part of the church established on the Weber, about 40 miles north of the city, where many of the emigrants passed the winter, and while there, publicly declared it to be his will that we poor gentiles should not be provisions at all!"
"The Jesuits of the 16th century were not more deceitful and cunning than are the leaders of the Mormons. With the most deadly hatred rankling in their bosoms against our republican institutions, predicting with the utmost certainty the downfall of our nation," (A Winter with the Mormons, David L. Bigler, The Tanner Trust Fund, 2001, pgs. 35-38)

Here is a taste of the second letter. But wait!, it gets better, I promise.



Anonymous May 24, 2010 at 12:45 PM  

Ick. Yeah, I've been doing a lot of thinking about how Mormons (and other religious folks) hate our government so much. It's ridiculous. Have you heard of Rex Rammell? Gag. Look him up. I live in Idaho and if he becomes governor, I am out of here for sure!!!

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