If They Came To My Door...

I'd like to thank you for the comment in my last post. The topic of Mormon missionaries coming to your home and knocking on your door is a probability. There are so many young folk out there who are anxiously waiting for the possibility of baptisms under their belt before they go back home. Those baptisms mark the success or failure of the mission.
If they came to my door, however, I would tell them that I am a former Mormon and I don't want anything to do with the Mormon faith.
It is ok to let the Missionaries know that you don't want or need to hear their message. They will not take no for an answer, so they will try a harder sell. The MM's have extensive training in how to sell their message prior to arriving to their mission (wherever that is.) They are so brain washed into selling their product that they will not see through their program. Their hearts and minds are closed to the truth, unless they are willing to be objective enough to try to understand the person whose door they just knocked on, and who they are so desperately trying to win over. They most likely don't want to really listen to you and try to understand. They will hear you out, but that is very superficial. Nothing is really taken to heart, but they will want to know all about you so they can figure out how to win you over. The less you get personal to them the better.
I don't suggest you let them in the door. They will think that most the battle is won at that point. Think of a door-to-door sales man, the MM's strategy is not much different. If you want to debate point-by-point, well, that's pointless. They have set words, expressions, examples, scripture references, and many other ways to get you to want them to tell you more. If they just don't happen to know the answer, they will want to set up a meeting date for another day, just so they can keep coming back. Don't give them the satisfaction!!

Here are a couple of real good tracks that I would hand out to the MM's. I really can't guarantee that they will read them. Most times the MM's will take them from you just to be generous, but then they will just trow them away later. I've seen it done. I was a stake missionary for quite awhile, and they never want to take seriously what the convert prospect has to say that is against anything that the MM's want said. The whole thing is programed from the first second on.


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