The Control Panel

Let me "Plug" you into the control panel of Mormonism.
Mind control is a very dangerous problem and is used extensively withing the Mormon world. Here are some points that I can think of. I'm sure I've missed some!

1. Control of Information
*What is read at home
*Family Home Evening every week
*Seminary every weekday
*Meetings-hours & hours; Sacrament, Primary, Sunday School, Priesthood, Relief Society, Young Men & Young Women
*Callings in the church-more meetings
*Activities-dances, dinners, sports, missionary duties, volunteer work, etc
*Missionary Work-give them rides, cook for them, etc
*Milk-to-Meat Theory-give a member only enough to keep him/her interested, give more information after a period of time if deemed worthy.
*Monitor what is watched on TV, listened to on the radio
*Don't talk to non-members (unless it is to convert them) or "Jack Mormons"
*Read the Standard Works, church magazines, books, newspapers, etc.
*Watch programs put out by the church
*Attend church all the time
*Stay busy in the church
*Home Teacher (Family visits) and Visiting Teacher (Sister visits) visits; they come to the home and see how your doing and give the prepared lesson for the month.

2. Thought Control
*Don't question authority-Priesthood
*Don't disagree with "God's" leaders: Bishop, teachers, prophet, elders, older members, etc.
*Call men 'brothers' and women 'sisters'
*Follow the Prophets "Do what your told" leadership
*It's the "Only" true church
*Feelings are unique-You are special
*Persecution complex
*Mormons are good all others are evil
*Perfection is a must
*Sing only church approved hymns and songs

3.Environment & Behavior Control
*Word of Wisdom must be followed
*Missionaries must wear dark suits and white ties
*What you wear must be approved of by the priesthood
*Must fast once a month
*Dis-fellowship is used as punishment
*Dis-fellowship forbids association with others as punishment
*Control of what and how much food to eat if on church welfare
*Even of its wrong; Things will be done to you either directly or indirectly in order for the desired end result.
*Home must reflect Mormonism
*Keep bathroom reading material Mormon orientated
*They (those in authority) will lie to you if the authority figure thinks its for the best or for your own good.
*Appear wholesome, happy, fulfilled all the time.

4.Special Language
*Thine, Thou, Thee, Thus, etc....are encouraged words
*Brotherin; as a reference
*Speak; brothers and sisters to all

5.Control of Feelings
*Fear and guilt used as negative enforcement
*Dis-fellowship and/or excommunication used
*Avoidance by members to others who have been excommunicated
*Re-enforcing the "Power of the Priesthood"
*Never contradict or disagree with anyone in authority
*Confess sins to Bishop
*Sinful to take sacrament without getting rid of all sins weekly
*(New members or new move-ins) First---feel good! At first only; The feelings of love and positive re-enforcement are heavily used. Everyones smile is superficial.
*(New members or new move-ins) Give gifts and lots of attention through home visits, phone calls, cards, letters, food-Bonbard them with superficial kindness.
*(New members or new move-ins) Make them feel relaxed and happy
*Take advantage of a crisis-church intervention of goodwill

The five major points in this "Control Panel" are the same points that define a CULT!


Jeff July 31, 2008 at 9:32 AM  

My gosh… there are so many things in this post that are the exact opposite of what the Church teaches, it’s amazing to me that you could even *claim* to have a clue about what Latter-day Saints teach.


jer1414 August 12, 2008 at 10:58 AM  

Jeff, any specifics? Or just condescening comments?

Handmaiden, Speaking of thought control, this is another tactic I've noticed the lds have been taught, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is to blast the person rather than talk about actual issues. Sorry for the rude comments that have come your way. Thank you for your insights, please don't be discouraged by insults such as these. I pray that some Mormons will give some thought to what you say here and being their journey to the truth.

Jeff September 9, 2008 at 8:01 AM  

Hey, jer. The list of inaccuracies is too long to deal with everything, but:

• The Church doesn’t control what is read at home.
• The Church does recommend that families have FHE every week, but in general, no one ever follows up. And even if a family actually follows this counsel, the family itself is in charge of the content, so where’s the control factor?
• Seminary is held every weekday, but is completely voluntary.
• The Church doesn’t monitor what is watched on TV, listened to on the radio, etc..
• The Church recommends that we be good friends and neighbors to anyone and everyone. Sure we’d like everyone to join the Church, but it’s ridiculous to imply that we have to stop being friends with someone that says no.

The rest of #1 is pretty accurate, but I’m also not sure why anybody would have a problem with any of it.

• The Church explicitly and repeatedly instructs its members to question authority, including Church leaders. To do otherwise is to “put [one’s] trust in the arm of flesh” (see Jer. 17:5; 2 Ne. 4:34). (This also debunks handmaiden’s charge of “‘Do what your [sic] told’ leadership.”)
• The Church has never instructed its members to only sing Church-approved hymns and songs, unless of course they’re singing them in Church (which is only logical).

The rest of #2 is also fairly accurate, and again, I’m not sure why anyone would have a problem with it.

From there, it just gets more and more ridiculous. If you really want me to waste more time on this incredibly inaccurate post, I guess I will, but I really don’t see where it’s going to get us.

beccaboo May 18, 2010 at 9:31 PM  

well i dont know much, but i do know that seminary is an unspoken "mandatory" because i have plenty of friends who dont go and are told they are "failing" by their sem teachers, have been there several times. and as far as not talking to people who arent mormon, they are nice to you mainly because they want to convert you. my brother dated my best friends sister, their family is mormon, and after a while, they were descretely encouraging her to break up, and not be friends with us anymore, because we still had no intension of converting. but we shouldnt be arguing on here, this is your story, everyones is different, and so is every chirch, we have to find the ones that allows us to hear gods voice the strongest.

handmaiden May 18, 2010 at 11:45 PM  

I graduated from seminary, and 'yes' it is demanded by the church or your membership is at stake. If a male wants to go on a mission, that will be a determining factor. If a girl wants to get married in the temple, the same applies.
Hold on to your conviction to stay out of the Mormon church. It's bad, very bad. With all of its cunning practices of family, fun, togetherness, love, progression, etc, under it all. They are a cult and they want you in.
The decision to attend a church is a very personal one. The pros and cons need to be weighed out by Biblical principles. Nothing else. I choose not to attend an institutional church because they are so way off from what the Bible teaches. Let God speak to your heart in your decision. Prayerfully consider all of the actions that the Mormons use to blind the eye of everyone in and out of the church.
God Bless,

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