The Three Challenges

"Sisters, will you accept these three challenges: sustain your husband, strengthen your home, and serve your God? I promise, as a servant of the Lord, that as you do, the blessings of heaven will attend you." (Ensign, January 1971, Thomas S. Monson)
Sustain your Husband: Obedience, Submission, Control. To fully sustain your husband, a wife is to submit herself to the authority that their husband holds, or the priesthood. Full obedience to this authority is the focal point in a Mormon husband/wife relationship. A wife is to be controlled in all she does. She is not to hold the priesthood. That is just a male thing. A priesthood holder is given a wide open gate to do as he pleases with his wife. The wife must be fully acceptable to all that the husband puts before her. Even things like: lies, deception, mental abusiveness, ridicule, physical abuse, half-truths, his countless encounters with other women, disrespect, demeaning comments, and many more that I didn't mention. The priesthood authority even allowed him to have me excommunicated without my knowledge. All this was done to me all the while I was 'sustaining' my husband. If not, she/I will not be a part of the celestial kingdom and continue to have spirit children for her polygamist husband. (Yes, the Mormons still believe in being polygamists.)
Strengthen Your Home: How can a wife and mother strengthen the home if the priesthood holder is constantly loosing his job, moving himself and his family constantly from place to place, demeaning his wife in front of the children, telling his own children that their mother is no good, keeping the mother from home by keeping her busy with the home-based business, not letting her be the mother to her own children? Any priesthood holder should be proud of these qualities of a Mormon man because the priesthood allows men to do as they please with their wives. To strengthen ones home should not require the the constant discontent that I and my children had to suffer while in a Mormon house(s).
Serve your God: Attend church, pay tithes and offerings (not to mention the bishop's storehouse and the missionary fund), hold church callings that priesthood holders appoint you to, be the best homemaker that you can possibly be (canning, baking, cooking, sewing, gardening, cleaning, crocheting, knitting, crafts, art, music, etc.), whatever else that the husband needs her to do around the house or outside of the house, (except working for money, the husband wants the wife to be totally dependent of him only).
The role of the Mormon women are constantly changing, according to the Modern theology of the Mormon world. My sisters both work, my sister-in-laws all work. Education is a must in their lives. Strange though, when I was growing up and learning the works of a good upstanding young Mormon woman and wife, working outside of the home and getting an education beyond the 12th grade was not what was taught. It was frowned upon by the priesthood holders of the church. I can still recall my dad telling my that I couldn't even get married!
The HOLY PRIESTHOOD is only good for the male population. The history of the church proves this. The changes that are being made for the women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not really changes. They are pacifiers. The role of a woman in the church is not different now since from the beginning. Men hold womens lives in their authoritative hands and with one squeeze, the force and pressure will break more than physical bones. It ruins the minds of human beings that God has created.
The blessings of heaven started when I got out of Mormonism. While I was in Mormonism, hell prevailed. A nightmare that still taunts my dreams and alters my realities. The Mormon church did nothing for me, but teach me how to be the best slave to a man that clearly was not concerned for his family or wife.


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I spent a lot of time deciding if I should write this blog or not. I'm not a great writer and I'm not going to pretend to be. I need to share what I have learned and I might not make some people happy with what I am saying. This blog is a way for me to release the thoughts and feelings that come with knowing I grew up in the wrong religion. A healing process if you will.

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Handmaidens Creed

1.I believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as one God without beginning or end.
2.I believe the Bible to be the Holy Inspired word of God with full truth and righteousness. No other writing is.
3.I believe that the work of the Lord comes first. Before any temporal thing or person.
4.I believe that grace is a gift and Christ gives that gift freely to all who believe.
5.I believe that the beauty of a woman is contained inside of her and not by what she looks like on the outside.
6.I believe that marriage is sacred and represents the Godhead on earth; two are one just as three are one.
7.I believe that love is more powerful than any other power. Remember, God is love.
8.I believe that tithing is not a part of God's new covenant, free will offerings are. And that doesn't mean just money.
9.I believe that the Aaronic, Levitical, and Melchizedek priesthoods are abolished and Christs Holy Priesthood whom Christ is the "Great High Priest" is eternal.
10.I believe that every believer is a priest in the "Priesthood of Believers".
11.I believe that when two are one, nobody is to separate the one.
12.I believe that Christ is the only way to heaven.
13.I believe that our bodies are temples, not man made buildings.
14.I believe that liars make fools out of others and the liar hates the fool.
15.I believe that all believers are in authority to preach the gospel.
16.I believe that the word 'organization' to describe Christs body is evil and has no place with God.
17.I believe the Americas are not the land of Zion and Christ will return to His origonal land-Israel in the Middle East.
18.I believe that God has set out correct ways of worshiping Him, not man.
19.I believe in holding to the truths of the Bible and not mans understanding of it.
20.I believe that the world is full of evil and Satan can easily gain control over the minds of those who do not profess Christ of the Bible to be their only Messiah.
21.I believe that Saints are those who know the real Savior, Jesus Christ, of whom the Bible speaks of; not the jesus of a cult.