The Thinking has Been Done

As a former Mormon, I need to address the topic of Mormons, particularly female Mormons, being able to think for themselves, their freedom to question Mormon doctrine, and to have access of their leaders activities.

"I am more afraid that this people have so much confidence in their leaders that they will not inquire for themselves of God whether or not they are led by him. I am fearful they settle down in a state of blind 'self-security'. ....Let every man and woman know, by the whispering of the Spirit of God to themselves, whether their leaders are walking in the path of the Lord dictates, or not.' (Discourses of Brigham Young, sel. John A. Widtsoe [1941], pg.135) In this manner no one need be deceived.

The quote from Brigham Young sounds good and straight, but it isn't what the Mormon church really teaches. All good upstanding Mormons are supposed to make sure that they cling to every word that comes out of the mouthpiece of God (the Mormon prophet) and all God's Mormon authorities. It doesn't matter what the subject is, as long as the member obeys the words of the prophet(s), he/she will be moving closer to their own salvation. Mormons have no understanding of the true Holy Spirit.
The controversy started with a 'Ward Teaching Message' in the Improvement Era of 1945. This is the closing statement:
"When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done. When they propose a plan--it is God's plan. When they point the way, there is no other which is safe. When they give direction, it should mark the end of controversy. God works in no other way. To think otherwise, without immediate repentance, may cost ones faith, may destroy his testimony, and leave him a stranger to the kingdom of God."
The Mormon authorities quickly rejected this posted message as a "...statement supposedly written by a minor church functionary."
There are many similar instructions from various Mormon leaders and church authorities on this same topic to all of their Mormon members.

Here's a few:
"Always keep your eye on the President of the church, and if he ever tells you to do anything, even if it is wrong, and you do it, the lord will bless you for it but you don't need to worry. The lord will never let his mouthpiece lead the people astray." (LDS President Marion G. Romney [of the first presidency], quoting LDS President Heber J. Grant, Conference Report, October 1960, pg. 78)
"The Lord Almighty leads this Church, and he will never suffer you to be led astray if you are found doing your duty. You may go home and sleep as sweetly as a babe in its mother's arms, as to any danger of your leaders leading you astray, for if they should try to do so the Lord would quickly sweep them from the earth." (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 9, pg. 289, 1862)
"When the Prophet speaks the debate is over." (N. Eldon Tanner, August Ensign 1979, pg. 2,3)
"Follow your leaders who have been duly ordained and have been publicly sustained, and you will not be led astray." (Boyd K. Packer, General Conference, Oct. 1992, Ensign, Nov. 1992)
"The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray." (President Wilford Woodruff, considered scripture as it is canonized at the end of the D&C)

For Mormons the whole of their salvation is based on how well they obey the commandments, principles, and ordinances that are set in front of them by their prophets and general authorities.
"Man's love of God is measured in terms of obedience and service."
"And since man has been created and redeemed by the Lord, that holy being is certainly entitled to expect his own handiwork to abide by the counsels which he gives from time to time." (Mormon Doctrine, Bookcraft, Bruce R. McConkie, pg. 540)
"...And it shall come to pass that every soul who will not hear that prophet shall be cut off from among the people." (3 Nephi 20:23)

Take heed Mormons--If you don't blindly follow your prophet, you'll be cut off!!!


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handmaiden, this is a great quote, but you neglect to quote the follow-up quote from the President of the Church himself:

“The leaflet to which you refer… was not ‘prepared’ by ‘one of our leaders.’ However, one or more of them inadvertently permitted the paragraph to pass uncensored. By their so doing, not a few members of the Church have been upset in their feelings, and General Authorities have been embarrassed.

“I am pleased to assure you that you are right in your attitude that the passage quoted does not express the true position of the Church. Even to imply that members of the Church are not to do their own thinking is grossly to misrepresent the true ideal of the Church…. The Lord Himself does not attempt coercion in His desire and effort to give peace and salvation to His children. He gives the principles of life and true progress, but leaves every person free to choose or to reject His teachings. This plan the Authorities of the Church try to follow” (personal letter from President George Albert Smith to Dr. Raymond Cope, 7 December 1945; entire text available online).

Anyone that believes that “When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done” is an ignoramus and is in direct conflict with both the Church and his or her Heavenly Father.


Jeff September 9, 2008 at 8:17 AM  

Oops… replacement post removed this link. I must be getting sloppy in my old age. ;-)

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